CEMR and the Mindfulness Society at Cass Business School, explore the links between Mindfulness, Finance, and Big Data with responsible investing expert, Heiko Specking.

By Mr Shamim Quadir (Senior Communications Officer), Published (Updated )

On 30th and 31st October, 2019, City, University of London's Centre of Excellence in Mindfulness Research (CEMR), and the recently founded Mindfulness Society at CASS Business School, were privileged to host a series of events delivered by Heiko Specking, a thought-leading innovator in responsible investing, sustainable development, and mindful finance. He shared his expertise on mindful investing, the interconnections between money and relationships, and how to approach 'big data' mindfully.

Starting with an interactive 'impulse evening' session at Cass Business School on the first day, Mr Specking shared his wisdom and insight into the traps and opportunities encountered when bringing mindfulness to the investment process. He told the audience about the value of using deep listening and of seeking purpose as guide posts for investment decisions, and explored what it means to have “the privilege of choice” with audience members.

Take a look at some pictures from the event.

On the second day, an invited group of participants spent the afternoon in a cosy workshop with Mr Specking and his friend and associate, Dr Roger Duck, systems thinking expert and founder of firm, Mapsar. The aim was to co-create a “Warm Data Lab”, together changing 'big data' into 'warm data', i.e. meaningful and dynamic knowledge.

CEMR co-founder, Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock, participated in the “Warm Data Lab”, and explained:

"Essentially, in a Warm Data Lab, groups of people explore the relational, emotional, non-intellectual associations that emerge when people discuss and share insights about big, scary, adaptive challenges."

Dr Trudi Edginton, CEMR co-founder, also shared:

'Heiko and Roger very skilfully enabled us to see different perspectives about issues we shared with each other, and we ended up smiling and connecting more deeply and more quickly than I would have ever expected.'

For more information, visit the Bateson Institute website.

About the speaker

Heiko Specking is the founder of the firm specking+partners which provides wealthy individuals, foundations and corporations with advice on responsible investing within a systems context.

The Warm Data Lab approach was created by the International Bateson Institute, a non-profit foundation for interdisciplinary and transcontextual research in ecology, economy, social change, education, and art.

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