Language and Communication Sciences academics delivered a public event sharing the research and next steps for the LUNA project.

By Mr Shamim Quadir (Senior Communications Officer), Published (Updated )

Dr Madeline Cruice and Dr Lucy Dipper lead on the Language Underpins Narrative in Aphasia ( LUNA) project, and shared their research and next steps for discourse therapy in aphasia (language problems most commonly caused by a stroke) at a public event held this month for National Storytelling Week.

The event was attended by 108 academics, students and people affected by aphasia. The LUNA study is supported by the Stroke Association who were also represented.

LUNA is a novel treatment for discourse production for people with aphasia. The treatment aims to address word, sentence and discourse levels of ability, using a personal narrative (story) told by the individual with aphasia. Personal narratives are central to everyday communication, and in LUNA, participants are taught about their language and given strategies for increased control over their storytelling.

Check out the @LUNA_aphasia on Twitter for highlights from the event. Visit the LUNA webpage for more information about the project.

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