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School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering


The Neural-Symbolic system CILP++, developed by Manoel Franca, is available at sourceforge.

Code on RBMs, Sparse RBMs, and Classification RBMs, developed by Son Tran, is available at github.

Python code for a generalisation of the the Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machine by Srikanth Cherla, based on the work presented in this paper is available on this GitLab repository.

The centre also hosts a High Performance Computing Server with the following specs:

Processors: 20 Cores (2 x 10 Core Xenon Processors) Model: Intel XEON E5-2680v2, 2.8GHz, 25M Cache
Ram: 128BG
Disk space: 12TB (6 x 2TB disks).
Operating system: Ubuntu
Graphics Cards: 2 Nvidia Quadro K4000 cards
Software: Hadoop, Spark etc.
Availability: The server will be in use 24 * 7
Backup solution: Raid 5 or 6