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(Standards and Methods Assessed using Rigorous Techniques in Industrial Environments).

Duration: Nov 1990- April 1995.
Funding source: the UK Systems Engineering Programme supported by the EPSRC and DTI.
Grant Number: GR/F98550 (Project number IED4/1/2160)
Partners: British Rail, Brameur Ltd, Secure Information Systems Ltd, Praxis, Programming Research Ltd
Funding to CSR: £180,000 (from EPSRC) Nov 1990- March 1994, £16,000 (from DTI) April 1994-April 1995 (total value of project £690,000)
Contact: Norman Fenton (

Synopsis: SMARTIE developed a measurement-based framework for assessing software engineering standards and methods. 250 software standards were reviewed. The framework was applied to 3 major industrial projects, including studies of impact of SSADM and formal methods.