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Research for Human-Computer Interaction Design

insetThe Centre for HCI Design has an international reputation in interaction design research, centred around innovative applications for embedding smart technology in everyday environments, advanced technologies for healthcare and new ways for a diverse range of users to access and retrieve information. We conduct studies of individual and collaborative interactions in challenging fields ranging from healthcare, to intelligent systems and computer games, develop and apply theoretical approaches to modelling work, design and prototype innovative interfaces and investigate and develop usability evaluation techniques.  User involvement and co-design are intrinsic to our research.



Person-centred care learning

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EU EDRF funding to support digital tech SMEs in London
The City Interaction lab will provide support to London SMEs in increasing the user experience (UX) of new digital technology through targeted services under the CASTS: Capital Accelerate & Scale Tech Superstars project.


Making Medical Devices Safer


Technology for speech and language therapy
CommuniCATE is exploring the use of computer technologies in therapy for people with aphasia.

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Improving the public transport passenger journey experience
We are investigating how UX design and evaluation can improve the public transport passenger journey experience and how UX design techniques are adopted and adapted in mobile transport app design.


A Decision Support System towards early diagnostic evaluation and efficient management plan formulation of balance disorders
We contributed to the design and implementation of the user interfaces for this novel system for use by clinicians and GPs.

Enhanced Online Video Interaction

Designing the next generation eLearning tool
We worked with Hub TV on a project to design an online tool that provides a more engaging video learning experience.


Communication practice in a virtual world
This project created and tested EVA Park, a unique virtual world for people with aphasia

Project details
EVA website

EVA Park Aphasia Groups

Can group support for people with aphasia be delivered in a virtual world?

EVA website


User interfaces for smart heating systems
We are investigating user interfaces for smart heating systems and issues of trust, intelligibility and controllability


Gesture therapy for people with aphasia
GReAT developed and tested GeST, a gesture therapy tool.

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Self-Care Advice, Monitoring, Planning and Intervention
The new EPSRC-funded SCAMPI project will develop a new form of digitalised toolkit that will allow someone living in their own home with a chronic condition, together with their relatives, carers and healthcare professionals, to self-manage both their care of the condition and life with it. People will interact with the new toolkit through a new form of care plan that will be visual, natural and simple-to-use. The new care plan will enable someone living at home with a chronic condition to customise their life and care according to their individual needs and preferences, with pro-active support for thinking about important care goals and qualities, as well as the means to achieve those goals and qualities. The person will also be able to share the plan with named relatives, their carers and targeted healthcare professionals such as specialist nurses and their GPs, and make joint decisions about customising the care plan so that the person’s needs can be met more effectively, even when these other people are elsewhere, using web technologies.

Taking EVA Park into Service: Therapy Case Studies

Speech and language therapy in a virtual world

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EVA website

Taking EVA Park into Service: Technology


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EVA website