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School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

Image analysis for neutrophils and other cells

Project details

Principal Investigator:  Dr C Reyes-Aldasoro

Co-Investigators:  Prof Stephen Renshaw (University of Sheffield), Dr Brian Stramer (King's College London), and Prof Donald Wlodkovic (Monash University Australia).

Researcher:  Mr JA Solis-Lemus

Funding:  City University London

Project Description

The analysis of the response of immune cells is important to understand their role in the processes of inflammation and infection. However, observing these cells in humans is complicated therefore scientist have used alternatives such as cells in petri dishes. A recent development is the use of "model" organisms, that is, other animals with similar immune systems as those of humans. Of these, one of the most promising ones is the zebrafish which allows the observation of cells due to its transparency. This project will observe the movement of immune cells in situations of inflammation and infection and it is expected will contribute to the understanding of the conditions behind numerous human illnesses such as like asthma, atherosclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.