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School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

Past RCBE Members

  • Mr V Rybynok
    Project Title: Dynamic Pulsitile Spectroscopy for Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Mr K Shafqat
    Project Title: Relationship between plasma concentrations of Lignocaine, Bupivacaine and heart rate variability in patients undergoing transarterial axillary plexus blockade”
  • Miss M Hickey
    Project Title: New Fibre-optic Sensor for Measuring Splanchnic Blood Perfusion
  • Mr M Pancholi
    Project Title: Development of an intelligent Artificial Intervertebral Disc Prosthesis for the assessment of in vivo lumbar spinal loading/stresses
  • Mr M Shafique
    Project Title: Investigation of photoplethysmography and arterial blood oxygen saturation during artificially induced peripheral hypoperfusion utilising multimode photometric sensors
  • Mr V Hadjisavvas
    Project Title: Treatment of brain cancer and ischaemic stroke utilising High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) guided with MRI
  • Mr A Couppis
    Project Title: In-vitro and In-vivo investigations on myocardial ablation and atherosclerotic plaque erosion modelling utilizing High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Mr N Mylonas
    Project Title: Development of positioning devices for MrI-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for abdominal, thyroid and brain tumours
  • Mr J May
    Project Title: Investigation of fontanelle photoplethysmographs and oxygen saturations in intensive care neonates and infants utilising miniature photometric sensors
  • Miss T Zaman
    Project Title: Optical sensors for the in vivo assessment of flap perfusion in plastic surgery
  • Miss S Stankovic
    Project Title: Investigation of advanced experimental and computational techniques for the behavioural characterisation of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)
  • Miss M Qassem
    Project Title: Analysis of skin hydration and barrier function using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Mr C Yiallouras
    Project Title: Design of a 2D MrI compatible robot for performing prostate cancer treatment using therapeutic ultrasound
  • Miss C Gama
    Project Title: Investigation of splanchnic perfusion utilising an intraluminal opto-electronic sensor placed in the duodenum
  • Mr K Budidha
    Project Title: In vivo investigations of photoplethysmograms and arterial oxygen saturation from the auditory can in conditions of compromised perfusion
  • Mr T Abay
    Project Title: Reflectance Photoplethysmography for non-invasive monitoring of tissue perfusion
  • Miss H Njoum
    Project Title: Investigations of photoplethysmography in the assessment of haemodynamics and haemorheology
  • Mr N Papadopoulos
    Project Title: In vitro and in vivo investigation of enzymatic clot lysis through non-thermal mechanisms using focused ultrasound waves as an adjunct to thrombolytic drug tenecteplase and in synergy with microbubbles
  • Mr G Menikou
    Project Title: Design and development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible tissue mimicking phantoms for evaluating focused ultrasound thermal protocols