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Abstract Submission

The Organising Committee of the 2019 UKACM Conference would like to invite accepted speakers to submit their extended abstracts.

Submit your extended abstract here 
The submission is a two-part process.

The first process involves submitting a 1-page Abstract, giving a title of your research, the names of all of the authors and their affiliation (for example, the name of their University) and the text which describes the research findings that you wish to present. The extended deadline for (1-page) Abstract submission is 15th February 2019.

You will receive feedback on your 1-page Abstract within 9 days of your submission.

If your 1-page Abstract is accepted by the Organising Committee, then you will be invited to submit a 4-page Extended Abstract following the format shown in the LaTeX template, accessible through the Conference webpages. Submission of the Extended Abstract is the second process. The deadline for the Extended Abstract submission is 15th March 2019.

It is important that you make clear (in the Job Title box below) whether the person intending to present at the Conference is:
(i) a PhD student, (ii) a post-doctoral researcher or (iii) an academic member of staff.

Please include your name and title on the document and upload your pdf file.

Please use the following LaTeX related documents to prepare your Extended Abstract:


There are no particular formatting requirements for the one-page Abstract (which you will need to submit before being invited to submit an Extended Abstract). If you choose to not use LaTeX for the Extended Abstract, then please adopt a style and format which is close to that shown.