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Using Other Libraries

There are many other libraries in London or further afield which may be useful in supporting your research and studies. It is important to familiarise yourself with access arrangements if you wish to make use of their facilities and resources.

University of London

Check our guide for a summary of access provision for City students and staff at other University of London libraries.


The SCONUL Access scheme enables City, University of London students and staff to access other libraries around the country and, depending on your status, borrow books. You can find out more and register for the scheme by visiting the SCONUL Access website. Once registered with SCONUL Access you'll receive a confirmation email, just take this (either as a print out, or on your phone) to your chosen library, along with your City card.

Top tips for visiting other libraries

  • Check their library catalogues to make sure they have the materials you need - there's no point visiting a specialist art library if you're after books on business or engineering. A good place to start is Search 25 which lets you discover resources across London and the South East. If you're going further afield you'll need to search COPAC which includes records from over 80 British and Irish research libraries including the British Library
  • Apply for your SCONUL Access in good time before you visit your chosen library
  • Check their library websites to see when they're open - different universities may open at different times than City, or may restrict visiting times for people who aren't their own students
  • Check the visitors section of any library website first - this should let you know about any restrictions e.g. if certain collections have limited access
  • Make sure you take your City card and your SCONUL Access details with you. No ID, no entry!
  • Leave plenty of time for your first visit - you will have to sign up for a membership card when you visit the library for the first time. Also you'll need time to find your way around a new building
  • Ask Library staff for help if you're not sure.