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Academic Practice Programme - Application form

Apply for a place on the Academic Practice Programme 2018-19

This form should be completed by all staff and research students who wish to study on the Academic Practice Programme during 2018-19.

Please complete all sections as fully as possible. We will use the information you provide to assess your suitability for the programme.

Any information relating to gender, age, ethnicity and disability will not be used in the assessment of your application and is collected for statistical purposes only.

For further details about the modules on the programme and the routes you are able to follow please take a look at the Module Guide

The timetable for 2018-19 can be found here.


1. Personal Information


Please include postcode

Please include an address to which all correspondence will be sent. If this address changes, or is likely to change between certain dates, you should inform the University as soon as possible.

Please include postcode

There are several routes and exit points for the programme.

For more information refer to the module guide

Academic Practice Programme Module Guide 2018/19

Please indicate the programme route and modules you wish to take this academic year by completing the section below:

2. Proposed Programme of Study

If you are new to the Academic Practice programme please select "New Student". if you have already completed one or more modules and wish to continue your studies please select "Continuing Student"

If you have previously studied on the Academic Practice Programme please select "continuing student"
This number can be found on any correspondence you receive from Registry

Please be aware that students who are currently also undertaking a PhD at City University should take a maximum of 30 credits per academic year on the programme.

PhD students are not always eligible for HEA fellowship as this is dependent on the extent of your teaching experience

3. Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

4. Education and Qualifications

Higher Education:

Please list your HE qualifications in date order (most recent first)

Professional Qualifications:

5. Employment History

Please give brief details of your current post and the teaching responsibilites you have.

5a. Declaration of a Criminal Record Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

6. Statement in Support of your application

Use this section to tell us why you wish to pursue this course. Admissions tutors will be interested in your academic background, relevant experience, career aspirations and social and intellectual pursuits.

7.Reference for admission to a Postgraduate Programme

Please download two copies of the reference forms below and forward them to your two referees. These can be returned to us by your referees scanned via email to MAAP@city.ac.uk or by post to the address on the form.

Post Graduate Reference Form

To download the form: Click 'File', then choose 'Download as...' and 'Microsoft Word'. You will then need to choose 'enable editing' at the top of the document

7. Confirmation of Support from Line Manager or PhD Supervisor

In order for you to be accpeted onto the MAAP programme or to continue with further studies we will need to gain the approval of your line manager or senior tutor for research

Following receipt of your completed application form the MAAP administrator will contact your line manager or the senior tutor for approval.

Please provide the contact details for your line manager/ senior tutor below:

(If you are a doctoral student this should be the person who is resonsible for your teaching)

8. Applicant's Declaration

You agree that the information given may be processed by the University in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and the Data Protection Act 2018 for the purpose of the application and selection process and any subsequent admissions process. The data given is also subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

By submitting this form you consent to the storage of this and additional information obtained from yourself and other persons in manual and computerised files.

By clicking the "agree" button below you are certifying that the information above is correct and hereby undertake, if admitted as a student of City University London, to observe and comply with all ordinances and regulations of the University.

Information on City University London's Ordinances and Regulations is available at: www.city.ac.uk/about/city-information/governance/constitution

Information on City University London's policy governing the processing of data under the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and the Data Protection Act (2018) is available at: www.city.ac.uk/dataprotection

Please click the agree button below to confirm that you agree with this declaration.

You will then be directed to a final page where you can review and submit your application.

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