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Learning Enhancement and Development

Establishing a Teaching Persona

A practical teaching course for PhD students

Are you a PhD student who is concerned about teaching or having to teach in future? Perhaps you’re wondering whether your students will respect you in the classroom; possibly you’re worried about how to run a tutorial or seminar, how to deal with awkward questions or students who don’t seem interested. Or maybe you’re just not sure about what teaching involves.

If so, LEaD’s 1.5 day Establishing a Teaching Persona course is for you. This is taught in a September and January iteration and so will be particularly useful if you will be teaching for the first time in that term, although you do not have to have any teaching arranged to participate.

The course aims to build your confidence and knowledge about teaching and addresses the difficulties of negotiating between your identity as a PhD student and a new, teacher identity. It will cover the following areas:

Day 1 (full day: 10am - 4.30pm)

  • Practical advice about teaching – managing student behaviour, asking questions that generate responses, managing discussions, structuring a session, engaging students, encouraging attendance, using a whiteboard and classroom technology
  • Discussion about teaching identities, and establishing authority and credibility
  • Exploration of the types of teaching you’re likely to do, such as tutorials, labs, clinical teaching, seminars

Day 2 (half day: 10am - 1pm)

  • Teach a short session to peers and the LEaD academic team
  • Receive feedback
  • Observe others’ sessions

This short course is specifically aimed at people with limited or no teaching experience, and so covers many practical basics, but PhD students at any stage are welcome if you think that the content would be useful to you.

To apply, please complete the form below:

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