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Learning Enhancement and Development

META service

If you are looking for ideas or inspiration on how to use video and multimedia in your teaching, request our META service.

We frequently speak to staff who are enthusiastic about experimenting with digital technologies but don’t know where to start or how to get the most impact for the substantial effort that it can require. By using our META service, you can receive concrete ideas and suggestions for incorporating video, audio and multimedia into your teaching - and into students’ learning.

Request our META service

  1. Fill in the META request form on Service Now
    The form asks you for some basic information about your module/programme, and what you are looking to achieve

  2. Meet with an Educational Technologist
    If needed, our Educational Technology team will ask you for a short meeting to get more insight into your specific needs

  3. Receive a report
    You will receive a report with specific suggestions and recommendations based on your particular situation and our analysis of how you could use multimedia in your module/programme. The report will include recommendations which may be:

    1. Short term Can be achieved in half a day
    2. Medium term Can be achieved in a week
    3. Long term Requires working with LEaD on a project of 1 month or more

    You can choose whether to take up one, more or none of the suggestions in the report.

Request META