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Learning Enhancement and Development

LEaDER Launch Keynote

Tansy Jessop - Professor of Research Informed Teaching - Solent University

Tuesday 8th January 2019
4pm - 6.30pm
Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre and Foyer

The untapped potential of pedagogic research

This talk explores the potential of pedagogic research to influence the very fabric of a university by changing how we think about teaching and how we teach. In every other aspect of university life, disciplinary academics rely on evidence: reading, thinking and generating new knowledge to stay fresh and alive to developments in their field, yet research about teaching is done by a few enthusiasts and treated like a nice-to-have hobby. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) movement has spawned a multi-disciplinary community of these enthusiasts, whose efforts are valiant and variable. Until relatively recently, respect for pedagogic research has been relatively low, somewhat unrewarded by the REF, and scorned by ‘proper’ researchers. The talk examines why, what has changed, how pedagogic researchers can contend for space at the top table, and why LEaDER’s research centre is a brilliant idea. In summing up, I will share insights and strategies from Solent in pursuit of developing academic writing and research which have had some success in advancing the pedagogic research culture and improving teaching.


Tansy Jessop is Professor of Research Informed Teaching at Solent University, where she leads the academic development team. For nearly ten years, she has led ‘Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment’ (TESTA) which has had sector-wide reach in helping universities to take a programme approach to assessment. Tansy is convinced of the power of pedagogic research to change our thinking and practice as teachers, and engage students and lecturers in more meaningful and engaging learning. Tansy began her career as a secondary school teacher in South Africa, completing a PhD on teacher development in rural KwaZulu-Natal in 1997. She publishes mainly about assessment and feedback but also about narrative inquiry, learning spaces, technology enhanced learning, and research informed teaching. She is an Associate Editor of the International Journal for Academic Development and on the Editorial Board of Active Learning in Higher Education.