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Learning Enhancement and Development

Session 1B - Workshop

Strategies for enhancing learning and teaching focussed continuing professional development

Dr Rachael-Anne Knight - School of Health Sciences, City, University of London

Peter Kogan - Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) City, University of London
Thomas Hanley - Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) City, University of London
Santanu Vasant -  Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD)  City, University of London

This work describes a collaborative project between LEaD, academics and professional services staff (working with others).  We describe the process of changing and enhancing CPD for learning and teaching, particularly that focusing on technology enhanced learning, in order to support student success.  The workshop will share our practices and approaches in this area.

The session will enable participants to consider barriers and drivers to learning and teaching related Continuing Professional Development (CPD), share approaches from the literature and from the experiences of other attendees, and plan actions for CPD enhancement in their contexts

CPD is a core activity for teaching focussed staff in Higher Education, and is a dimension of the United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF, Higher Education Academy, 2011).  However, in common with other sectors, engagement can be low (Smyth et al, 2011). This session reports on a project that aimed to increase the uptake of learning and teaching focussed CPD in the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London, with the aim of enhancing student success, and allows participants to explore similar approaches and strategies for their own contexts.  

The session will begin with an introduction and background to issues around learning and teaching focussed CPD (Guskey, 2002, Blackmore and Blackwell, 2003, Cannell and Gilmour, 2013 ), and participants will explore barriers and drivers towards CPD from their own context. We will then discuss the activities undertaken in this project, including drawing together activities from disparate sources, ensuring pedagogical content, mapping to the UKPSF, review of timings and locations, and communication strategies.  Participants will identify the steps they have already taken, and could take in future, to streamline and enhance their CPD provision. Finally, we will explore future plans in our project, including differentiation for levels of HEA fellowship, and methods of recording and rewarding CPD, with an opportunity for participants to draw on their own context, and develop an action plan for their future CPD strategy.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:
●Describe some of the barriers and drivers towards learning and teaching related Continuing Professional Development
●Compare CPD in their context with activities described in the literature and in this project
●Identify actions they will undertake to enhance learning and teaching related CPD in their own context.


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