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Learning Enhancement and Development

Session 1A - Workshop

Reinventing the lecture: how student engagement and analytics can transform teaching delivery and learning outcomes

Dr John Couperthwaite - Echo360
Mr Santanu Vasant - City University of London, Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD)

This workshop will share best practice from other global practitioners on how the Echo360 system can transform the lecture experience for staff and students. By focusing on how this can improve student satisfaction, retention and outcomes, it also strongly relates to the other theme of ‘supporting student success’

The relevance of the lecture in mainstream education is now under greater scrutiny as institutions seek to make educational programmes more relevant to a new generation of discerning learners (JISC, 2016). When we teach in class, how do you know who is confused, who is bored, who hasn’t even bothered to attend, and perhaps more importantly, who has learnt anything? And how can we engage with learners beyond the classroom to stimulate inquiry, collaboration and feedback in a seamless educational experience?  

This workshop will demonstrate how one answer is to reinvent the lecture, by integrating powerful new video, engagement and analytics tools, whilst retaining the valued teacher-learner interaction in teaching spaces. The Echo360 active learning platform empowers learners to engage more fully with teachers and each other before, during and after class. This approach to teaching also equips instructors with vital feedback on how learners are progressing, with powerful engagement metrics giving staff rare insights into the teaching-learning dynamic of a lecture (Rienties & Toetenel, 2016).

Evidence is now emerging that this mode of teaching can have a significant impact on critical learning measures, such as early warning of student failure (Samson, 2016), boosting retention (HEC, 2016), whilst increasing learning gain and exam scores (Montpetit, 2015). Students also value their ability to control the pace, place and mode of their learning (Gosper et al, 2008; Leadbeater et al, 2013), whilst receiving more immediate feedback on their progress (JISC, 2016).

Together, these flexible pedagogical tools have the potential to transform learning in all modes of teaching and training, both in the class and beyond.


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