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Learning Enhancement and Development

Poster 8

Integrating Library Guides into the Teaching-Learning Process at City, University of London

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Mrs Alexandra Asman - Library Services, City, University of London
Antonella Yarnold - Library Services, City, University of London

Our project proposes to integrate Library Guides into Moodle in order to support students and enhance their learning experience.

This poster provides an overview of ongoing project looking at the use of LibGuides software to create and embed, learner centred, Library Guides into Moodle at point of need. The aim of the project is to develop, through information technology, an enhanced student experience, an increase in subject specific bibliographic database usage, and improved perception of library relevance.

During the summer of 2016 Library Services carried out a project to update the design and review the content of our Library Guides. These guides are created by Subject Librarians and are designed to scaffold student learning at department or subject level. They provide students with links to selected disciplinary resources and guidance created by the librarian to ‘support their discovery of new concepts and knowledge (Bielat, Befus & Arnold 2013 p.124).

To gather evidence to support this work we conducted a focus group and usability testing with City students.  Our sample size was relatively small, but we found that many of the students we met with, had not made use of the Library  Guides, even if they had been told about them at the library induction and during information literacy workshops.  The main feedback from the students was that they expected to find library related information signposted on Moodle, as they already used Moodle to access all the useful materials for their course, to view their lectures’ notes, submit their coursework, and to create online communities of practice with their peers.  This project, therefore, seeks to build on this key finding by integrating library guidance more directly into the learning process at module level, via the LibGuides software.

The poster will summarise the challenges raised by the project, some initial feedback from users and discuss opportunities for further collaboration between Library Services, academic staff and educational-technologists.


Belat, V., Befus, R. and Arnold, J.  (2013) ‘Integrating LibGuides into the Teaching-Leaning Process’ in Sittler, R., Dobbs, B. and Cook, D.  (eds.) Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services: A LITA Guide Chicago: American Library Association