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Learning Enhancement and Development

Poster 1

Effective design for Academic Skills – Southampton Uni Library

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Dr Gil Dekel - Southampton University Library

User’s experience is the first consideration when developing new websites. This poster was designed by Gil Dekel, Learning Technologist at Southampton University, to showcase the development of the library website design, from a ‘Before’ stage to an ’After’ stage (where we achieved 55% more traffic). The poster also showcases modern graphic design that were developed to incorporate Call to Action.

LibGuides is an online platform used to manage files and create websites for libraries. It is based on adding content into ‘boxes’ that would then ‘stack’. One issue is that in some cases there is no clear flow of information from one 'box' to the other, and no logical structure of navigation.

As a solution we have re-designed pages based on user’s experience and user’s online journey. The results: increase of 55% in traffic.

We have developed coherent layout structure for text and navigation, and clear navigation that sits consistently in the left area of the pages. We have also developed engaging graphics that Call to Action, to engage students. These graphics rotate each week, and contain relevant information tied with the students’ academic calendar.

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