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Learning Enhancement and Development

Poster 4

Video as an Assessment Medium at City, University of London

Morris Pamplin, Fariha Afgan, Martin Agombar, Dr Joel Armando, Jo Richardson - City, University of London, Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD)

Today’s students frequently use online video when researching their assignments, learning new skills, and communicating. The wide variety of educational technologies available for use in formal learning, however, can mean that students are unclear about how such technologies can help them succeed (JISC 2014).
Well-designed use of technology in the curriculum can help students to develop digital literacies beyond the discipline-specific skills needed for their programme. Video- or multimedia-based assessment can foster creativity, presentation skills and original thought (HEFCE 2010). It also provides an innovative solution to the challenges of increasing student numbers and academics’ workload.
At City, University of London, academics across diverse disciplines are using the Moodle Video Assignment to facilitate video-based assignments for formative and summative assessment. This is made possible by investment in the Institution’s educational technology infrastructure to support innovative use of video in teaching and learning (Partington and Pamplin 2013). The poster outlines the use of multimedia assessments in the wider HE context and highlights some of the ways that Video Assignment has been used within the Institution, enabling students to submit alternative forms of assessment. The poster also presents feedback and advice from staff who have used the tool effectively.


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