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Learning Enhancement and Development

Learning at City Conference 2016

Learning at City Conference 2016

The LEaD annual conference took place on June 8th 2016.

The overall theme for the conference focused on Promoting and Enhancing Teaching Excellence. Within this theme there were a range of sub-themes.

  • Recognition and reward for teaching
  • Sharing practices and approaches
  • Developing excellent teaching and teachers
  • Approaches to evaluating teaching

This topical theme provided excellent opportunities for discussion and debate during the conference.

The conference was open to staff and students at City, University of London and to colleagues in the wider HE sector.

Read our Learning at City Blog to find out more about what went on at the event.

Conference Sessions, Keynotes and Posters

Click on the titles below to see more details of the sessions and keynotes.

"What do universities mean by 'excellent teaching'? And does anyone else agree?"
Dr Matthew Williamson

1A: Games with aims (workshop)

1B: Introduction to Team Based Learning (workshop)

1C: Blogging together: Using social writing to create a community of practice around teaching excellence (workshop)

1D: Cracking the Code: Does Nursing and Midwifery Council revalidation promote teaching excellence in Higher Education? A report of collaborative implementation at City, University of London (paper) | Health Has Got Talent: Recognising and Rewarding Teaching Innovation and Excellence (paper)

1E: Wild card modules: researching collaboration with legal service providers to promote deep integrated learning (paper)


2A: Murder, diamonds and walking: using walks in your teaching practice through an exploration of Hatton Garden (workshop)

2B: Towards a definition of Teaching Excellence (workshop)

2C: Designing for an immersive learning experience, with support from City’s simulated practice community (workshop)

2D: Hacking Human-Centred Learning Design (paper) | Enhancing teaching through gamification: Testing a new-and-improved system for in-lecture weekly quizzes with mobile-phone based responding (paper)


3A: Career decisions by students: what can academic staff do to help? (workshop)

3B: 60 Minute Moodle Makeover (workshop)

3C: The power of pictures: How images can enhance understanding, and inspire and engage students (workshop)

3D: Engaging Technology in Health and Social Care: Introducing City TECs - Technology Enabled Care Studio (paper) | Bridging technology and simulation – use of empathy suits in the Technology Enabled Care Studio (TECs) (paper)

3E: Expectations of excellent teaching: the student perspective (workshop)


KEYNOTE SPEECH:"Developing, Recognising and Disseminating Teaching Excellence"
Professor Pam Parker


Poster 1

Using situational judgement testing to assess and recruit outstanding and compassionate students onto post registration nursing and midwifery programmes at City, University of London

Dr Caroline McGraw

Poster 2

Designing Active Learning Initiative (DALI)

Santanu Vasant & Jorge Freire

Poster 3

Advice on Module Page: AMPing Moodle modules

Olivia Fox, Dr Joel Armando, Lisa Baker, Thomas Hanley, Peter Kogan, Connie Tse

Poster 4

Video as an Assessment Medium at City, University of London

Morris Pamplin, Fariha Afgan, Martin Agombar, Dr Joel Armando, Jo Richardson

Poster 5

Technology Enhanced Teaching of Mathematics at City, University of London

Martin Agombar, Dr Joel Armando

Poster 6

Recommendations following the development of a reusable learning object to support biological science teaching

Maggie Tarling