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Learning Enhancement and Development

Conference Catch-up 2014

A selection of videos, presentation slides and other resources from the 2014 Learning at City Conference - Students as Partners in Learning?

View the full programme and book of abstracts here

Opening plenary - It's goodnight from me, and goodnight from him

James Perkins, Vice President Education, Students' Union, City University London

Great partnerships have often been defined by one main theme: inequality. In this session we will consider how the student-staff partnership can be realised.

View presentation slides here

View video of the plenary here

Keynote speech - Students as Partners in Learning - Unlocking Best Practice

Dr Jenny Hill, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning, University of the West of England

Rhiannon Jenkins, Undergraduate Student, Geography and Environmental Management, University of the West of England

Educators are increasingly recognizing that engaging students actively in shaping their learning experiences can be transformative for both students and staff (Kay, Dunne, & Hutchinson, 2010). The presenters of this session will prompt you to consider the many ways we might envisage student-staff partnership in higher education, making reference to a number of supporting philosophies and integrative models.

View presentation slides here

View breakout session feedback here

View video of the keynote session here

Session 1A (workshop)
The virtual experience of enhancing employability skills and helping students succeed at gaining first choice employment posts

Sophie Willis, Jane Harvey-Lloyd, Kaufi Atutornu, Kate Ling, Joaquim Graca

View presentation slides here

Session 1B (workshop)
How might the experience of Neurodiversity be utilised to develop teaching and learning practices?

Amanda Clements, Neil Goldwasser, Gill Huntington, Jannett Morgan and Kylie Radford

View presentation slides here

View case study here

View mind map here

View top tips here

Session 1C ( 2 papers)

Leave them to their own devices: Healthcare students' experiences of using a range of mobile devices for learning.

Julie Attenborough, Roberta Williams and Stephen Abbott

View presentation slides here

Collaborative blogging: effective learning support?

Linda Jotham

View presentation slides here

Session 2A (workshop)
Let's 'talk' feedback - How can students and tutors find a common understanding?

Meagan Mansfield

Session 2B (workshop)
Going beyond 'you said, we did' approaches to student engagement: developing effective co-design processes

Stella Jones-Devitt and Ann-Marie Steele

View presentation slides

View case study

Session 2C (2 papers)

The use of the "flipped classroom" in a blended learning programme: Have we Flipped?

Gill Harrison & Allison Harris

View presentation slides

Why put multimedia creation in the hands of students? Introducing the Multimedia Theme of LEaD

Morris Pamplin, Martin Agombar, Jo Richardson, Fariha Afgan, Steve McCombe

View presentation slides

Session 2D (2 papers)

To what extent can students be partners in their study skills learning? An evaluative study of a series of academic learning support workshops

Emma Davenport, Richard Knott, David Shah, Sally Thorpe

View presentation slides

View the full paper on moodle

Viva survivors - enabling peer mentors to decrease pre-viva anxiety for early-years students

Dr Rachael-Anne Knight, Dr Lucy Dipper, Dr Madeline Cruice

View presentation slides

Session 3A (workshop)
Defining Student Partnership in Sensory Terms

James Perkins

View presentation slides

View dialogue sheet

Session 3B (workshop)
Student Counselling - A Partnership in Learning

David Glyn, Lynne Mark, Midge Seymour

Session 3C (2 papers)

Do students and staff prefer to use computer assisted assessments or a traditional paper based method for high stakes summative exams?

James Toner

View presentations slides (to follow)

Standardized Module Evaluation for Teaching Excellence and Enhancement: Views of Students at City University London

Dr Christopher Wiley

View presentation slides

Session 3D (paper)

Gamifying in-lecture learning with weekly text-message quizzes: Implementation, evaluation and potential effects on the partnership between lecturer and student

Dr Stian Reimers

View presentation slides

Session 4A (workshop)
CityBuddies: Student partners in induction, retention, employability and success

Ben Butler and William Power

View presentation slides #1

View presentation slides #2

Session 4B (workshop)
'Refining the blend' : Moving forward with a blended learning curriculum : a case study in collaboration.

Joanna Humphreys, Zoe Feeley, Amy Foggitt, Nancy Faulkner, Karen Rawlings Anderson, and Neal Sumner

View presentation slides

Session 4C (2 papers)

Keeping currency: Student engagement for cutting-edge professional relevance and for facilitating learning

Jonathan Hewett, Rachel Banning-Lover and Chris Sutcliffe

View presentation slides

Enabling learning at a personal level - Processes for personalisation and student-led course design

Annora Eyt-Dessus, Yash Joshi, Sean Brown and Martin Rich

View presentation slides

Poster 1
Student transitioning: what can their experiences teach us?

Sophie Willis, Nadine Schaefer, Deborah Osberg

View poster

Poster 2
Educational Technology for healthcare professionals for using the database of health indicators in Brazil

Vanessa Luiza Tuono Jardim, Flávia R Souza Ramos, Grace Marcon DalSasso, Shalni Gulati, Julie Attenborough

View poster

Poster 3
The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme: Paths to Success

Dr Christopher Wiley

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