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Learning Enhancement and Development

Proposal form

Call for abstracts - Tenth Annual Learning at City Conference 2018

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Step 1. About you - The lead contact for this proposal
Please complete the details of the main contact for your submission:
In order to ensure as many contributors to the conference as possible, you can only be named as lead contact on ONE proposal and as a co-presenter on ONE other. If you are involved in more than one submission we will try to accommodate this in the timings of the event - but this may not always be possible.

Step 2: Co-presenters information:
Please complete the details of any co-presenters below (there is a button at the bottom to add more)

Add another co-presenter

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Step 3: Your proposal:

Be creative and informative

Criteria for acceptance of proposals
Each proposal will be reviewed for acceptance at the conference against the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the conference theme and sub-themes clearly stated
  • Clarity and coherence of the proposal
  • Evidence of relevance to others across the university and beyond
  • Contribution to development, enhancement and scholarship related to the theme.
For the purposes of anonymous review, we need you to download and complete the proposal template and then upload it into our submission system, it must be in Microsoft word format.
When you follow the link below it will open a  google document, 

Simply click 'File', then choose 'Download as...' and 'Microsoft Word'. You may need to choose 'enable editing' at the top of the document.

Download  the proposal template HERE. 
Step 4: Upload your completed proposal

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