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Learning Enhancement and Development

CL&TForum - Student Wellbeing

City Learning & Teaching Forum | Wednesday 12th December | 12pm | R101 - Franklin Building

Welcome and Introduction

Professor Susannah Quinsee


The Students' Union is organising the next City Learning & Teaching Forum and focusing on Student Wellbeing. The forum will be in a workshop set up to encourage staff attending to actively participate and share good practice. After a very short exercise and an introduction presentation from the SU Officers (Kristina, Nazia & Tuna), every group will focus on a student profile that they are assigned. Groups will be asked to explore the student experience of their assigned City student over their time at City, by analysing a timeline and statistics while trying to tackle obstacles faced by their student.

We hope this workshop will highlight some of the issues that City students face and how it may affect student wellbeing and mental health. Staff attending are encouraged to consider the #stepchange framework and be creative in the way they approach issues, solutions and the overall wellbeing of their assigned student.

The Union understands that every City student is different from one another, but issues highlighted in the timelines may be common to many. This is an opportunity for all of us at City to explore student facing issues in the context of different student identities.

Kristina Perelygina : SU President |Tuna Kunt : SU Vice-President (Education) | Nazia Bharde : SU VP (Activities & Development)