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Learning Enhancement and Development

CL&TForum - Assessment and Feedback

City Learning & Teaching Forum – Tuesday 30th October ELG01 - Drysdale Building

The topic for the October forum meeting is Assessment and Feedback.

Welcome & Introduction

Professor Susannah Quinsee


Professor Pam Parker, Deputy Director of LEaD

Pam will give an overview of the Undergraduate Assessment Project and the outcomes from year 1 and will talk about the plan for year 2 of the project.

Dr Deborah Rafalin, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and LEaD Learning Development Fellow

Designing Assessment for Academic Integrity

Deborah has been Chair of Academic Misconduct for SASS for the past 6 years. As a result of her experience across roles, Deborah has gained valuable insights into the complex relationship between academic integrity, academic misconduct and assessment design. In today’s presentation, ‘Designing Assessment for Academic Integrity’, Deborah will consider what academic integrity is, why it matters and suggest some assessment strategies that may help reduce the need and opportunity for academic misconduct amongst our students.

Richard Evans, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Journalism

Richard Evans, is programme director undergraduate journalism.  A former BBC journalist, he was a Learning Development Fellow on the undergraduate review of assessment project in year 1 and is developing group work guidance for the new university assessment toolkit.

Group work can increase engagement, improve student learning and develop high level planning and problem solving skills valued by employers. Yet group work assignments can be a source of frustration, anger and dissatisfaction among students who often perceive assessment to be unfair.

At this session you will be invited to share your experiences of the challenges of assessing group work and find out more about innovate assessment methods in use around the university.

Toolkit Launch:

LEaD have launched an online Assessment Toolkit with resources to support you with assessment and feedback. A preview of the toolkit was available at the forum.

The toolkit is intended to be a resource that we continue to build for all so you can contribute to this at any time with new guidance or case studies of how you have used an assessment or feedback approach with your students.