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Example application

Teaching and Learning Funds

Education Enhancement Grant Application

You may apply for a grant focused on either a development of your learning, teaching and assessment activity to enhance students learning or, a piece of pedagogic educational research. Please complete the form providing all details asked for and return this form to Professor Pam Parker at p.m.parker@city.ac.uk by Monday 8th January 2018 so the LEaD Board of Studies members can examine applications and approve those to be funded.

Name and Contact Details

Professor Pam Parker


Deputy Director





Pedagogic education research

Outline of your development or research (no more than 250 words)

Staff and students have both raised concerns about the volume of work involved in assessment. This impacts on both student progression but also staff ability to meet turnaround times with increased student numbers but also providing high quality feedback. Through the undergraduate assessment project there has been an exploration of other institutions websites for advice about the volume of assessment in relation to credits and a literature search and whilst there is some reference to this on some sites such as http://www.celt.mmu.ac.uk/ltia/issue17/fielding.php there is no real empirical evidence to underpin the guidance that has been provided. Gibbs (2010) outlined the need to focus on students’ effort and yet we do not have the evidence to support any decisions taken in the future about this. The aims of this project are to:

  • Explore the time required by a range   of undergraduate students to prepare various assessments
  • Identify what key tasks undergraduate   students engage in whilst preparing their assessment

I would like to ask students in focus groups about the time, effort and activities they engage in when preparing their assessments for submission or when revising for exams. In order to gain a broad range of information I would like to undertake one or two focus groups in each school with undergraduate students. This would enable about 15 students per school to engage. The data it is hoped will then inform the development of the guidance for the volume of assessment in each module.

Fit with School/University strategy (outline any specific strategic aims or goals your proposal fits with) (No more than 100 words)

In the University Vision 2026 two of the academic KPI’s are related to student progression and student satisfaction. This project would link directly to these to KPI’s if the project could then be linked to volume of assessment and be used to guide programme assessment strategy.

This project is also important as two of the TEF metrics are student progression and satisfaction and this year is the last year for data that will be used for the TEF 2020 outcome.

This project also fits with the Undergraduate assessment project currently being undertaken in which LEaD are involved alongside all schools.

Request for grant amount with reference to how this would be used (NB this cannot be used to cover staff time and by out)

The request for funds for this grant includes using this for:

  • Refreshments for the focus groups £500 probably need to have 10 so group size is manageable and so this is £50 each group
  • £10 Amazon Voucher for each student taking part £750
  • Transcription costs for focus groups x 10 (lasting 40-50 minutes @£1 per minute) £500
  • Total £1750

Associate Dean of Education support for the project and its priority for the school.

This has been discussed with all Associate Deans as the project is across schools and links to the undergraduate assessment project.

Member of LEaD team you have discussed the project with so either your school academic link or senior educational technologist.

This has been discussed at the LEaD Board of Studies and so all heads of the LEaD teams are aware of this.

We are keen to share what you have done for your grant so how will you disseminate this?

(Remember our Learning at City Blog https://blogs.city.ac.uk/learningatcity/#.WgAgK01LG70 is a good way to share your project.

You will can liaise with us over spending this money but will need to spend all the funds by 15th July 2018.