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Learning Enhancement and Development

Lucas Zambrzycki - SHS Education Enhancement Grant

Lucas Zambrzycki - School of Health Sciences

  • The grant was to develop a mobile friendly website which aims to enhance students’ conceptual and practical understanding of neurovascular assessment
  • Extensive use has been made of anatomical images to help students to develop their conceptual understanding of neurovascular assessment.
  • Some of the resources have been already created; i.e. PowerPoints using purchased imaged - this will be voiced over and further edited with other program(s) purchased for the grant money, and incorporated into the website’s relevant section
  • Different software tools capable of providing interactivity beyond PowerPoint will be used so that the student experience shifts from passive consumption of learning content to a more active approach which includes many opportunities for formative feedback.
  • The project currently is still in development and the early access is planned for December this year, when it will be incorporated in simulated practice for 2nd year Child Nursing students
  • After the project is complete, it could be potentially incorporated in nursing teaching across the whole division and proggrammes, as well as generating a research around the project (development and implementation)