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  1. Spring 2014
Law Research

Spring 2014

Welcome to the spring 2014 edition of the City Law School's legal research newsletter, RE: LAW. Find out all the information you need to know about the latest legal research developments happening across the School.


In March 2014, it was announced that Professor Carl Stychin has been inducted into the Academy of Social Sciences as an Academician member, having been nominated by the Socio Legal Studies Association for his pioneering work in the socio-legal study of gender, sexuality and law. He is recognised as one of the small number of founders of the field of queer legal theory.

Professor Jason Chuah has been appointed to the Peer Review College of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Research publications


Abayomi al-Ameen, Antitrust: The Person-centred Approach (Springer International 2014)

Articles and contributions

Grietje Baars, 'The Making of an International Criminal Law' in C Schwöbel (ed), Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law (Routledge 2014)

Mauro Barelli, 'Free, Prior and Informed Consent in the United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
' in M. Weller, & J. Hohmann (eds), Oxford Commentaries on International Law: A Commentary on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (OUP 2014)

Mauro Barelli, 'The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: a Human Rights Framework for Intellectual Property Rights' in M. Rimmer (ed), Indigenous Intellectual Property: A Handbook of Contemporary Research (Edward Elgar 2014)

Andy Boon and Tony Fazaeli, 'Professional bodies and continuing professional education' In Sue Crowley (ed), Challenging Professional Learning (1st edn, Routledge 2014) 31-53

David Collins and Phillip Thomas, 'Measuring Gross Disproportion in Environmental Precaution to Establish Regulatory Expropriation and Quantum of Compensation in International Investment Arbitration' (2014) 37(2) European Journal of Law and Economics

David Collins, 'The Chaos Machine: The WTO in a Social Entropy Model of The World Trading System' (2014) 34(2) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Carmen Draghici, 'The Human Rights Act in the Shadow of the European Convention: Are Copyist's Errors Allowed?', (2014) 2 European Human Rights Law Review 154-169

Carl Stychin, 'Queer/Euro Visions' in M Rosello and S Dasgupta (eds), What's Queer About Europe? Productive Encounters and Re-Enchanting Paradigms (New York, Fordham University Press 2014)

New editions

Nigel Duncan (ed), Employment Law in Practice (11th edn, OUP 2014)

Research grants awarded

The Legal Education Foundation awarded Dr David Collins and Eric Klotz a £20,000 grant for the Start-Ed pro bono clinic (2013-15).

Dr John Stanton has been awarded a £2,028 pump-priming grant for a research project entitled 'Local Government and the Big Society: the effects of local democracy and planning'.

Research project updates

Professor Jennifer Temkin and Dr Jacqueline Gray.will shortly publish their findings from a Nuffield Foundation funded research project which looked at the actual use of myths and stereotypes in a sample of rape trials.

CLJJ experts contribute to investigation into the law of Joint Enterprise

More than 1,800 people have been prosecuted for homicide using the law of joint enterprise, according to a report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Experts have described the law, which allows for more than one person to be charged and convicted of the same crime, as "unclear" and "capable of producing injustice". City, University of London's Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism surveyed leading criminal barristers and solicitors, on behalf of the Bureau, to find out their opinions on the law of joint enterprise. Katrin Hohl, Henique Carvalho and Zardah Zamen designed the survey and analysed the results. They found that thirty-seven of the forty-two respondents said they were concerned about the doctrine. The survey also revealed concerns about the mandatory life sentences handed to those involved in murders tried using joint enterprise.

Impact and public engagement

CLJJ experts contribute to Law Commission report on contempt of court

Claire de Than called for a complete database of reporting restrictions to be introduced while Jude Townend discussed the challenges for its successful implementation in a recent blogpost.

Media coverage

On 14 January 2014 Professor Andy Boon appeared in the BBC programme 'Scotland Investigates: Lawyers Behaving Badly'. He was on a panel of experts, with Andrew Hopper QC and Professor Julian Webb, commenting on decisions in Scottish Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal cases.

Dr Marios Costa commented on the recent European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) judgement on the EU Law Analysis blog. The judgment raises significant questions about the accountability of EU's newly created financial agencies.

Dr Steven Truxal was quoted in several articles: 'Should foreign airlines be allowed to fly domestic routes?' in USA Today (6 January 2014), 'Stormløp mot Kjos i Washington' (Onslaught against Kjos in Washington) in Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian Business Daily) (January 2014)

Conferences papers and presentations

Grietje Baars (Harvard/Institute for Global Law and Policy workshop, Qatar, 3-13 January 2014)

Enrico Bonadio, 'Life before EU Regulation 608/2013: How EU Customs Have Gradually Acquired More and More Powers' (Presentation delivered at the Taiex Workshop on 'Handling of Seized and Counterfeit Goods' organized by the European Commission and the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine), 17 January 2014)

Enrico Bonadio, 'Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in EU Member States' Civil Proceedings' (Presentation delivered at the Taiex Workshop on 'Handling of Seized and Counterfeit Goods' organized by the European Commission and the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine), 17 January 2014)

Enrico Bonadio, Seizing IP-Infringing Goods in Transit at EU Customs" - talk at the Taiex Workshop on "Handling of Seized and Counterfeit Goods", organized by the European Commission - DG Enlargement and the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine), 16 January 2014

Professor Andy Boon organised the Lawyers and Legal Professions stream at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference at Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, April 2014). The stream had three sessions with 10 papers from academics and regulators.

Nigel Duncan, 'A future for legal education: professional development and ethics' (Keynote address at the Higher Education Academy Law Summit, Loughborough University, 22 January 2014)

Nigel Duncan, 'Values in Legal Education to the Nottingham' (Centre for Legal Education's Annual Conference, 7-8 February 2014)

Ioannis Kalpouzos (Harvard/Institute for Global Law and Policy workshop, Qatar, 3-13 January 2014)


Imagined Boundaries: the Troubled Relationship between Crime, Law and Spectatorship' (18 February 2014)

Banksy's favourite criminologist, Professor Alison Young focused on society's unresolved anxieties about images of crime in her inaugural lecture. She explored social and legal responses to illicit street art, 'sexting' and forensic images of crime, drawing on interviews with high profile street artists, which inform her latest book, 'Street Art, Public City: Law, Crime and the Urban Imagination' (2014). Professor Young is based at the University of Melbourne and was appointed an Honorary Visiting Professor by The City Law School for a three year tenure.

Exceptions from EU movement law: Derogation, Justification, and Proportionality' (20 - 21 February 2014)

Professor Panos Koutrakos (City, University of London), Professor Niamh Nic Shuibhne (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Phil Syrpis (University of Bristol). The workshop aimed to examine comprehensively a topical issue which is underdeveloped in scholarly analysis; to highlight both the transnational and national dimension of how States in the European Union seek to deviate from EU law in order to protect their national interests and to focus on the practice of national governments and national courts.

Scotland's Independence and EU Membership (19 March 2013)

Leading experts debated the implications of Scotland's referendum on its future in the European Union. Professor Panos Koutrakos chaired the panel comprising former European Court of Justice Judge, Sir David Edward QC; Professor Kenneth Armstrong of the University of Cambridge; and Sir Alan Dashwood QC, Professor of Law at City University London.

'Teaching Legal Ethics UK Workshop: Responding to the LETR' (22 March 2014)

The Centre for the Study of the Legal Professional Practice's Legal Ethics Forum held a

Details of upcoming seminars and events can be found on our news listing at:


Dr Enrico Bonadio was awarded first prize in the ECTA (European Communities Trademark Association) Award Competition in the professional category for the paper "An Analysis of Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products under EU IP Law" (co-authored with Alberto Alemanno). The award was worth € 3,000.

Dr Enrico Bonadio was a Judge at the 12th Annual Intellectual Property Law Moot, organised by the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, University of Oxford, 20-22 March 2014, Oxford (UK)

Research degrees awarded

On 23 January 2014, Jose Maria Lezcano Navarro successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled 'The Piercing of the Corporate Veil in Latina American Jurisprudence, with Specific Emphasis on Panama'. Jose Maria performed brilliantly during his viva and passed with no corrections. His examiners were Professor Charlotte Villiers (University of Bristol) and Katherine Reece-Thomas (City, University of London). His supervisors were Professor Jason Chuah and Professor Chris Ryan.

On 17 March 2014, Chiara Berneri successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled 'The Movement and Residence Rights of Third Country National Family Members of EU Citizens: A Historical and Jurisprudential Approach'. Chiara was supervised by Dr Daniel Wilsher and Professor Steven Peers (University of Essex). Her examiners were Professor  Elspeth Guild (Jean Monnet Professor ad personam at Queen Mary, University of London and Radboud University Nijmegen) and Nicholas Hatzis (City University London).

Academic visitors

The School hosted Baris Sahin, a PhD student from Ankara University School of Law, Turkey. His thesis is on 'Knowledge (Golden Collar) Workers in Labor Law'.