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Law Research

Summer 2009

In this issue you'll find all of the details of the latest legal research from across the School.

RE: LAW also features regular spotlight sections, highlighting key pieces of legal research. In this issue Penny Cooper, Director of CPD and Associate Dean of Knowledge Transfer for the School, talks about the changing role of training for Expert Witnesses.

You can also find information about research projects and opportunities on the CLS research blog, which has open access rights to enable the School and the wider academic / legal community to share ideas and information. Log on today at to review or add research content.

Kind regards,

Professor Lorna Woods

Associate Dean for Research, The City Law School

PS: Got some research news that you want to share with us, then email and we'll included it in the next issue!


Expert Witness: A Question of Professional Trust

Following recent scandals, public confidence in expert witnesses has been severely undermined. For CLS's own Penny Cooper, the answer lies in better training and a more professional approach, and she is personally leading the way.

The starting point for Penny Cooper's research was to mail out a questionnaire to thousands of expert witnesses in fields as varied as medicine, ballistics, family, engineering and architecture as well as to judges and lawyers to find out about their experience and attitudes, and the results were revealing.

The headline figure on training was that while 80% of respondents had taken part in training of some kind there was still a significant minority, around 22%, who had not.

Although there are several membership bodies for expert witnesses only the Expert Witness Institute actually demands training before admission. More about this research and its findings, are available in the Spring 2009 edition of In Law magazine.

For full details please email


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David Collins was a Visiting Fellow to the World Trade Institute in Bern Switzerland in May 2009. The trip was funded by the Academic Purposes Fund of the Society of Legal Scholars.

Simon Goulding and Jesse Elvin were advisors to the All Party Working Group of House of Commons.

Candidates proposed by CLS were selected for a University Fellowship (Cian Murphy) and University studentship (Ernie Southworth and Chiara Berneri)