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Law Research

Ethics and Integrity

The City Law School seeks to foster and support appropriate research into law and legal practice, including that carried out as part of postgraduate and doctoral level education. Research must be carried out in accordance with the law, and in the light of current good practice, particularly the Institution Governance Framework for Good Practice in Research and the UK Socio-Legal Studies Association Statement of Principles of Ethical Research Practice.

Before commencement, all new research proposals involving human participation must undergo formal ethical peer review. Whilst many of these research projects represent very minimal risks, others require more ethical scrutiny.

Applicants should read the The City Law School Research Ethics and Integrity Policy and Procedures carefully before applying. The procedures set out in this document have been designed so that research is reviewed in a manner that is in keeping with its level of risk. This should ensure that research is conducted to high ethical standards, but also that review procedures do not impede essential research and teaching. This document sets out the rules and regulations governing any research carried out by any person(s) at, or under the auspices of CLS. This covers ALL students and staff of whatever level or programme. This document explains the procedures which need to be followed in order to obtain ethical approval and the principles which will be followed.

How to apply for ethical approval

Applicants should use the Flowchart to determine the project's risk level. The level of probable risk will determine the documents required and the process applicants should follow.

Guidance for applicants

Participant information sheets and consent forms

Other forms