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Law Research

CLS Research Paper Series

The City Law School  (CLS) Research Paper series features latest research from The City Law School’s academics, doctoral students and visiting scholars.

The series aims to further excellence in legal scholarship. This is an excellent opportunity for both legal academics and students to bring their work-in-progress to a wide audience, facilitating fruitful discussion and critical input on nascent ideas and projects to the benefit of both author and reader.

The series does not adopt a particular style, and papers may be submitted in any recognised style consistently applied. All papers are published electronically in open access at City Research Online. A short (50-100 words) abstract of the article should be supplied with keywords. Authors should state their present academic or professional affiliation.

Please submit any queries to Hilary Vieitez, Research Support Librarian for The City Law School.

2018-2019 Papers

Odermatt, J. and Wessel, R.A. (2018). Multilateralism under Strain: The Challenges of the European Union’s Engagement With International Institutions (Report No. 2018/01). London, UK: The City Law School.

2017-2018 Papers

Bardutzky, S. and Fahey, E. (2017). The subjects and objects of EU law: Exploring a research platform (Report No. 2017/03). London, UK: The City Law School.

Bonadio, E. (2017). On the nature of trademark rights: Does trademark registration confer positive or negative rights? (Report No. 2017/01). London, UK: The City Law School.

Costa, M. and Peers, S. (2016). Access to justice and the role of the court of justice: The case of private litigants (Report No. 2017/02). London, UK: The City Law School.

Crutchley, J. (2017). How can a decolonial critique rearticulate concepts of peace and victims in international criminal law? (Report No. 2017/05). London, UK: The City Law School.

McDonagh, L. (2017). From brand performance to consumer performativity - European trade mark law after the rise of anthropological marketing (Report No. 2017/06). London, UK: The City Law School.

McDonagh, L. (2017). A new beginning for the European patent system? (Report No. 2017/06). London, UK: The City Law School.