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Law Research

Oliver O'Callaghan

PhD student

Thesis title: An examination of the legal restrictions on press freedom in England: To what extent is freedom of speech among journalists protected or restricted by the English law including defamation and privacy?

School/Centre: The City Law School and Centre for Law Justice and Journalism


Oliver's PhD will examine the legal restrictions on press freedom in England and what extent freedom of speech among journalists is protected or restricted by the English law, including defamation and privacy. This is primarily focussed on the tort of defamation and its relationship with the burgeoning law of privacy but includes other restrictions where appropriate. He will look at the practical implications as well as the justifications for a free press and the comparative approaches in other jurisdictions. Oliver's research supervisors are Prof Ian Loveland and Dr Claire de Than.

Oliver received his LLB Law from Queen's University Belfast in 2005, he went on to achieve an LLM in Human Rights Law at the University. Before coming to City, Oliver worked in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Oliver research interests focus broadly on human rights, the media and international criminal justice.

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