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Hausfeld & Co. LLP Competition Law Internship

Hausfeld & Co. LLP is offering a competition law internship in its London office to International Competition Law Masters students at The City Law School.

Mr Anthony Maton, Managing Partner of the European office of Hausfeld & Co. LLP, said that "Hausfeld is delighted to give to City students the opportunity of experiencing a first class claimant competition law practice."

Professor Alan Riley, Director of the LLM in International Commercial Law at The City Law School, says: "Given the rapid developments in the field of claimant competition law dispute resolution and litigation, this internship is a tremendous opportunity. Hausfeld is the leading claimant competition law firm, it is tremendously innovative and experienced in complex dispute resolution and the successful student will receive a major boost in their careers from their time at Hausfeld."

Professor Susan Nash, Dean of The City Law School said, "The City Law School is delighted to work with such a leading law firm in order to provide our students with the experience at working with a practice at the very cutting edge of modern European competition law."

Students should be fluent in English, those taking The City Law School's LLM in International Commercial Law and any competition law course in the first term are eligible to apply for the internships commencing in July. The City Law School will provide two month dissertation extension to any successful student who secures a summer internship.

Hausfeld is widely recognised as one of the leading and best-known claimant law firms and is at the forefront of numerous innovative legal actions that are expanding the quality and availability of legal recourse for aggrieved individuals and businesses around the world.

Hausfeld is a global claimants firm founded on a very simple yet largely unmet premise: global wrongs must be accountable to global rights. With unique global resources, unlimited creativity and steadfast integrity, we seek to achieve unprecedented results on behalf of citizens and corporations involved in large and complex disputes that touch every corner of the globe and impact every industry and population.

The firm is focused on and committed to delivering conflict-free litigation services to global plaintiffs - individuals and organisations - in the areas of antitrust/competition law, human and civil rights, mass torts, environmental threats, securities fraud, and consumer protection.

Because countries and regions are increasingly acknowledging through new laws the existence of rights and remedies and adopting judicial mechanisms that provide justice to victims of mass wrongs, we believe a tremendous need exists to offer global citizens and corporations impacted by these wrongs effective and meaningful access to justice. As best expressed by Sir Anthony Clark.

In today's global village we can no longer live as islands unto ourselves. The continued growth of our ever-increasing globalized economy, of multi-national corporations, of the free movement of capital and services, of financial markets, of private international law and ever more common standards of human rights has an important consequence for us all. We must all ensure in this increasingly complex and interconnected world that our national civil justice systems are able to effectively respond to disputes which cross national boundaries.

The present challenge to a meaningful rule of law proscribing abusive conduct is how best to "keep a grip on global actors in a global economy" equally, for all effected persons, individually or collectively.