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Ioannis Kokkoris

Dr Ioannis Kokkoris, BA Economics (Essex), MPhil in Economics (Cambridge), LLM with distinction (Warwick), PhD in Competition Law (King's College, London).

Dr Ioannis Kokkoris is a visiting lecturer on the LLM in International Commercial Law at The City Law School. His background combines both law and economics. He is the Principal Case Officer/Economic Advisor in the Mergers branch of the Office of Fair Trading and has conducted research at Harvard Law School. He recently returned from the US Federal Trade Commission where he worked as a Consultant.

Dr Kokkoris has authored and co-authored a number of leading legal publications. He is the General Editor of a multi-jurisdictional volume Competition Cases from the European Union, published by Sweet and Maxwell in 2007. He has also co-authored a book on competition law in Greece, Free Competition, and is the co-editor of Τhe Challenge of an Optimal Enforcement System (Kluwer, forthcoming) as well as of The Reform of EC Competition Law (in Greek) forthcoming by Nomiki Vivliothiki.

Dr Kokkoris has published extensively in leading journals including: ECLR; World Competition; European Competition Journal; Journal of Competition Law and Economics; University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law; JIBLR and ICCLR. He is the Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Institute for Studies in Competition Law and Policy (IMEDIPA). In Greece, he is member of the editorial board of e-Competitions and member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Business and Company Law. He is also co-Editor in Chief of International Finance and Banking Law Online.