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iTunes U

iTunes U FAQs

Is iTunes U free to use?

Yes. All City audio, video and PDF content is free to download. The iTunes software is also free to download.

Do I require iTunes to use this service?

In order to take advantage of iTunes U, you must first have the iTunes software installed on your computer. iTunes is available for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Linux users can run iTunes for Windows with WINE installed.

Do I require an Apple device to use this service?

If you wish to listen or watch content on the go, then a mobile device is required. iTunes is optimised to work with Apple products such as an iPod or iPhone; there is, however, limited support for other devices.

Where can I download the iTunes software from?

How can I get iTunes on my staff PC?

Staff need to request iTunes U via Service Now.

Where can I find City content on iTunes U?

Open iTunes on your computer. In the left-hand panel, choose "iTunes Store", then click on the iTunes U link on the top menu. On the next screen, go to I Tunes U Quick Links and navigate to Universities and Colleges and then choose "City University London".

Or visit the City iTunes U site.

What copyright restrictions are there on City content?

The material on the iTunes U site belongs to City, University of London. You are free to download this content for personal use.

The material on this website is copyright of City, (author, photographer, designer, composer or illustrator) and may not be republished without permission.

I have a complaint, who do I contact?

The legal area of our website has information and contact details.

I am a member of staff who would like to contribute to iTunes U. Who do I contact?

Staff can contact Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) who support a range of learning technologies which are available across City. The LEaD website has information and contact details.