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Speech and Language Therapy

The Language and Communication Science Division of the School of Health Sciences is the largest, teaching, research and clinical department in the UK for language and communication science. The courses are taught by expert staff who are leaders in the field of speech and language therapy

Human Communication/Speech and Language Science



HC2001 Instrumental Techniques in Speech (2018/19)HC2002 Forensic Phonetics (2018/19)
HC2003 Sociolinguistics (2017/18) HC2004 Language and Gender (2017/18)

The above courses alternate each academic year, and we expect those marked 2017/18 to run this year, but final course availability will not be confirmed until July.

Speech and Language Therapy

Autumn or entire year

SL1011 Articulatory Phonetics, Phonology and Speech Development
SL1012 Bio-medical Sciences - Anatomy and Physiology
SL1013 Life Span Studies
SL1014 Speech Disorders, Dysfluency and Augmentative and Alternative Communication
SL2001 Hearing and Speech Sciences
SL2002 Bio-medical Sciences
SL2003 Developmental Psychology
SL2004 Language Sciences
SL2005 Speech, Communication and Swallowing Disabilities
SL3002 Language Sciences
SL3003 Language, Cognition and Communication Disabilities
SL3006 Normal and Disordered Word Processing (Autumn only)

For more detail on the course content please contact the Study Abroad Office