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International students


City's Department of Psychology was amongst the first in Britain to teach health psychology, pioneered the teaching of counselling psychology and specialises in organisational psychology.

The following courses are expected to be available for study abroad students in 2018/19

Autumn semester

Spring semester

PS1004 History and Theory of PsychologyPS1003 Cognitive Approaches to Mind and Behaviour
PS1005 Biological Approaches to Mind and BehaviourPS1006 Life Span Psychology
PS2002 Cognitive Psychology 1PS2003 Cognitive Psychology 2
PS2004 Biological PsychologyPS2005 Developmental Psychology
PS2006 Social PsychologyPS2007 Personality and Differential Psychology
PS3012 Health PsychologyPS3003 Judgement and Decision Making
PS3018 Applied Psychology in Clinical PracticePS3007 Approaches to Autism
PS3021 Coaching PsychologyPS3013 Organisational Psychology
PS3028 Memory and the LawPS3022 Cognitive Development
PS3031 Topics in Behavioural EconomicsPS3027 Psychological Illnesses: Brain Damage and Dreams: Malfunctions of Mind
 PS3030 Introduction to Counselling Psychology
 PS3032 Forensic Psychology

Course descriptions are for 2017/18 and are subject to change. If a course description is not shown please contact the Study Abroad Office for the most up-to-date version.

It is occasionally necessary to limit places on particular modules, and/or cancel modules due to lecturer availability, so we are unable to guarantee the running or availability of any modules.