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International students

New Starters - Spring

New Starters - Spring

Updated 18 December 2017

This page contains information for students joining the Study Abroad Programme in January 2018.  We will be sending you lots of information via email in the coming months, but you might want to to bookmark this page and return regularly as we add information nearer the start of the Programme.

Pre-departure guide

  • You can download a copy of the Study Abroad Programme Pre-departure Guide here.

Orientation and travel

  • Your first day at City will be Wednesday 24 January, a copy of your orientation schedule can be found here.
  • If you are staying in City accommodation you can arrive anytime from 20 January
  • During orientation we will provide you with tours of the local area and the university, give you the opportunity to meet with other students, and find out more about studying at City
  • Most students will be taking the "short" Spring semester which formally ends on 25 April, we will notify you in February when your final assessment will be, so you might want to buy a flexible flight as you may be able to finish earlier depending on your assessments

Entry clearance/Visas

  • Most students from outside of the EU will be eligible to receive a visa on arrival and we will provide students with letters and entry guidance in November
  • Students in the UK on a Short Tern Study Visa are not able to work
  • More information about entry clearance can be found here


  • If you have been allocated accommodation it will be in Liberty Court or Liberty Hall (please note that the fees for Study Abroad students can be found here)
  • If you are paying your accommodation to City, you will receive an invoice from the Study Abroad Office before you arrive in the UK, you will not be paying Liberty Living directly
  • You can pay for your accommodation by all major credit card or international bank transfer
  • If you are staying in Liberty Court you are able to request to stay in the same apartment as a friend, but we are unable to guarantee we will be able to accommodate all requests
  • Students in Liberty Court and Liberty Hall will be given a bedding and kitchen pack including:
    • Duvet (comforter) and pillow and one set of sheets/covers
    • One set of cutlery
    • One set of plate, bowl, glass and cup
    • Share of cooking utensils
    • Share of toaster, fridge, stove, oven and microwave


  • City does not provide travel or property insurance, so students should ensure that they have suitable cover before leaving their home country
  • Students in the UK on a Short Term Study Visa are not eligible for NHS (National Health Service) treatment

Tuition fees

  • If your home institution is paying your fees you will not need to pay fees to City
  • The only additional charge is for LA2017 Performing Arts in London and students need to pay £50 towards tickets for the performances which is payable on arrival
  • Students paying tuition fees directly to City will be invoiced following the end of the add/drop period and will be charged depending on the course mix they have chosen - see here for more information.  Fees are payable by the end of February and can be paid by credit card or international bank transfer

Timetables, Courses and Exams

  • You are able to add/drop your courses (modules) until Friday 2 February, and we will send information about how you can do this, and what restrictions there are in November
  • Timetables for your modules are available here
  • Your modules will have a variety of assessment methods, but usually would be one piece of coursework and one final exam, your exams will be at the end of April
  • Please don't hesitate to contact the Study Abroad Office if you have any questions, and we look forward to meeting you in January!

Jamie Avery and Chelsea Millgate

City Study Abroad Programme