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Scholarship details

The Fast Track Scholarship provides part time course fees for the Transport Strategy and Systems MSc.

Fast Track Scholarship

Decarbonising transport has become one of the century's great challenges, demanding radical and innovative approaches. Breakthroughs in efficiency, performance and cost will flow, for example, from the targeted use of increasingly affordable and flexible digital tools when they are combined in transport with engineering and business approaches. And it is no longer a question of whether to adopt hybrid or low-carbon energy and materials alternatives, but rather which ones and how fast?

The managers who guide novel strategic choices in transport over the coming decades will be led by the need to handle sensitively often-conflicting needs. They will, as ever, be pressured to contain essential risks like safety and to keep addressing externalities (like congestion, noise and pollution). But above all they will have to grasp the innovation challenge with both hands and master the need for change so that systems are both decarbonised and made more efficient. Otherwise, undoubtedly, many operators will face situations where transport's pivotal role in economic growth and prosperity becomes undermined by a worsening reputation as the most significant greenhouse gas emitter and by the prospect of punitive fines from regulators, or even carbon litigation.

Bringing information technology into a tighter link with transport services is one challenge which organisations are now recognising will be critical to their future success and sustainability. But the key forces shaping the next generation of digitally-enabled transport are not simple to manage either. They include tough elements like user focus, new governance and regulation, the prospect of stakeholder conflicts, and shifts in both e-infrastructure and society's expectations of technology.

So the future transport manager will need to be both broadly and deeply prepared to handle change, using skills encompassing many aspects of theory, practice and politics. Yet, industry tells us, there are few pathways for emerging professionals to attain this mix of capabilities and skills.

About the scholarship

The Fast Track Scholarship is the City Collaborative Transport Hub's contribution to filling this gap. It provides support for course fees for two years of part time participation on the Transport Strategy and Systems MSc.

The Hub is an inter-disciplinary centre based at City, University of London which has close ties to industry and develops R&D, innovation and education for sustainable transport.

How to apply

To apply for the scholarship and the course you need a minimum of two years' work experience in a business-facing transport role. You should be a graduate of a recognised institution with high degree classification (first or upper second class Honours or equivalent), and have good professional English.

Applicants for the scholarship should prepare a 600-800 word article on one of the following topics:-

  • Compare and contrast the sustainability challenges facing cruise ships and high-speed trains; how do they differ and how do they overlap? Or
  • Look at the freight needs of inner cities after 2030; how can road and rail systems deliver what the citizens and local governments of the future will expect?

This article may be edited and published by the sponsors. The copyright of all submitted articles will be retained by the applicant but by applying for the Fast Track Scholarship the applicants give the sponsors and media partners the right to publish this item without payment.

To apply for course entry and the Scholarship in 2012, send your article in a pdf file, together with your course application and a current CV, to Ensure it is clearly marked "Fast Track Scholarship".


The scholarship is open to all who are already able to have UK/European Union part-time student status as a result of their citizenship or as a result of their work. Applicants who do not have such rights will be rejected.

The Fast Track Scholar will make themself available for interview by media sponsors at any reasonable time while on the programme. In addition, the Scholar will prepare a short report after each academic year to the sponsor group setting out practical lessons learnt and breakthroughs in thinking resulting from the programme.

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