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Information Technology

IT projects

IT works on strategic and operational projects with a technology component. These may be small or large scale, and may be driven by a wide variety of needs such as enhancing student or staff experience, reducing costs, compliance, or supporting the generation of fee and research income.

Typically, projects require re-engineering business processes, introducing new technologies, or rationalising the use of existing systems across the university. In many cases, they are driven by University or IT strategic plans, or they may also result from specific requests by a school or department.

For more detailed information on specific projects, such as their planned scope and timescales, please contact either the business sponsor or IT project manager. If you are unsure who that is for a particular project, please contact Simon Younger, IT Project Director.

What  is the role of IT in projects?

Once a business case has been approved, an IT project manager will help to identify the project stakeholders and their respective roles. Typically, projects are a partnership between the business sponsor and IT, in which the sponsoring area defines a set of requirements and IT defines and delivers a solution. The sponsoring partner is then responsible for implementing the associated business change and ensuring the project benefits are realised.

The role of the IT project manager is to ensure that a project is clearly defined - including plans, budgets, governance, objectives, dependencies and approach – and then to deliver against that definition. The responsibilities may vary between projects, but typically will be to define, monitor, report and manage delivery of the IT components.

How do I request a project?

Please contact your IT Business Relationship Manager (BRM) if you would like to discuss a need for a project. 

Initiating a new project will usually require a business case to be drawn up and submitted to the Finance Committee. The BRM team or Strategy & Planning can advise on this process.

If you need an IT enhancement or other work that is small scale or doesn’t require specific funding, please raise a request initially via ServiceNow. If more detail is needed, you will be asked to submit an enhancement request form which is then considered and prioritised alongside other requests and active projects to determine its scheduling.