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Labour induction impact


1st supervisor: Mandie Scamell

2nd supervisor: tbc

Research Centre

Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research

Project description

This project will link with a NIHR funded project involving a feasibility trial to test two methods of induction of labour in an outpatient setting. The trial would involve randomising women to a standard and novel method, also evaluating women’s experiences of outpatient induction, the acceptability of the method and the economic implications for maternity services. A feasibility trial is needed as the role of women’s preferences and the acceptability of outpatient induction by either method is not established. There is very little research evidence on women’s experiences of induction of labour and even less on induction in an outpatient setting. Although outpatient induction may improve women’s experience of labour, there is insufficient evidence to assess this, and very little evidence on how different methods of induction may affect that experience. There is also little research on how induction of labour for prolonged pregnancy is offered to women and this has been identified as a priority in a priority setting exercise among service users.

The proposed PhD project should focus in greater depth on the birth experiences of women recruited into the trial, complementing the findings of a structured written survey. The study may also recruit an additional sample of women who are offered induction but not participating in the trial. Potential questions to be addressed include:

  1. How does the experience of induction of labour on an outpatient basis affect women’s sense of being at-risk
  2. How does it affect her interaction with the maternity services?
  3. How can any differences identified between the satisfaction of women in the two trial arms (two different methods of induction) be accounted for?
  4. Does IoL in an outpatient setting affect professional concepts or or management of risk?

Recommended Skills / Prior Learning

  1. Masters qualification in midwifery, social science or other relevant subject
  2. Prior research experience relevant to the study topic
  3. Knowledge of relevant theory