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Models of Care Group

Our research focuses on evaluating models of maternity, child and family services and care. Our work aims to improve care through rigorous studies using a range of methodologies with an emphasis on evidence-based care, appropriate uses of technology, service change and development and professional and user experience issues. This theme also has a strong inter-disciplinary thread of applying social science concepts and epidemiological approaches to clinical and organisational issues. Much of our work adopts a critical theory perspective, and takes account of the complexity of healthcare interventions and contexts. We currently have 17 members of staff and 3 doctoral students focusing on research such as concepts of choice, risk and safety and their relationship with service delivery and change, birth in different settings, professionalisation processes and experiences, gender and healthcare and concepts of motherhood, childhood and the family.

Our findings have been published in high impact journals and presented at conferences around the world. We have established links with a range of user, professional and policy organisations and university departments at local, national and international levels. Our work has influenced the development of maternity services throughout the United Kingdom (UK), and has impacted on health policy in this area.


PhD Students


2011-2016, Improving quality of care andoutcome at very preterm birth. Duley, Abbott, Ayers et al. NIHR programme grant £1,885,541

2012 - 2014, The Birthplace in England Research Programme:further analyses to enhance policy and service delivery decision-making for planned place of birth. Hollowell, Macfarlane, McCourt et al. NIHR Service and Delivery Organisation. £286,094

2011 - 2014, Europeristat Action. Zeitlin, Gissler, Buitendijk, Mohangoo, Alexander, Hong Zhang, Szomultska, Macfarlane. European Union, Public Health Directorate. £524,900

2012 - 2013, Transition experiences of young people with Sickle Cell Disease. Newell,Christie, Thomas and Ellis. Roald Dahl Charity and Burdett Trust. £7,500

2012, Influences on exclusive and partial breastfeeding rates within the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets. McCourt, Macfarlane, Christie, Rayment and Khanam. NHS North East London and the City PCT. £16,000

2011 - 2012, An Organisational Study of Alongside Midwife-led Units: A follow-on from the Birthplace in England Programme. McCourt, Sandall, Rayment, Rance, Brocklehurst, Cooke, Bewley, Beake, Newburn, Macdonald. NIHR SDO (now HS&DR). £317,245

2011, Keeping Birth normal took - initial field testing and evaluation. Kanikasamy, McCourt £20,000

2009 - 2012, Linkage, analysis and dissemination of national birth and maternity data for England and Wales. Macfarlane, Datta-Nemdharry, Dattani. MRC. £295,816

2009 - 2011, Macfarlane, Dodwell, Ward Platt, Hilder, Moser. Linkage, analysis and dissemination of national birth and maternity data for England and Wales. MRC. £295,816

2006 - 2010, Birthplace in England Programme. PI: Brocklehurst. NPEU; CIs: McCourt & Macfarlane, City University London, and others, Department of Health Policy Research Programme and NIHR SDO. £1,500,000 approx.

2009, Choice and access to maternity care in Islington. Macfarlane. Islington PCT. £26,635

2008 - 2009, Europeristat- III (€197577). Macfarlane et al. EC-Public Health Executive Agency. £167,662

2008 - 2009, Assessing the impact of a new birth centre on choice and outcome of maternity care in an inner city area. Macfarlane et al National Institute for Health Research, Research for Patient Benefit. £249,993

2007 - 2008, Randomised controlled trial of cord clamping in preterm infants. Rabe, Ayers et al. Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals. £30,000



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