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Maternal and Child Mental Health Group

The Maternal and Child Mental Health research group conducts research into the mental health and psychological wellbeing of mothers, their partners and children. Our work has three key areas: identifying mental health needs of women and their families during pregnancy and after birth; improving screening for mental health problems; and innovations in the delivery of mental health care and treatment. 

This multidisciplinary group comprises nine academic and research staff and six doctoral students working on projects ranging from locally focused studies of mental health screening in London to international studies of mental health in women and children. Current and recent research includes examining women's mental health in pregnancy and after birth in developing countries; a national survey of the well-being of parents with very preterm babies; studies of post-traumatic stress disorder in women after birth; and evaluations of internet self-help interventions to reduce postnatal psychological problems.

We have established links with NHS Trusts and user-representative organisations in the United Kingdom (UK), as well as international links with researchers across the world. This includes the International Network for Perinatal PTSD Research, an international research initiative and collaboration which is run by members of this group.


PhD Students


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