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Education and Community Health Group

Our research focuses on developing care pathways that link community and clinical services for women and children and on research into effectiveness of education to support practice. Our work aims to improve care in the community for women and children healthcare through rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluations with an emphasis on evaluating educational and community interventions, health promotion in the community, and outreach with hard to reach or disadvantaged communities. This work is incorporated into educational programmes preparing the next generation of professionals working with women and children.

We currently have 15 members of staff and 1 doctoral students working on projects including the Toolkit project which is producing resources to improve health visiting interventions with vulnerable families, and work to prevent long term obesity through increasing exercise by women during pregnancy. Our findings have been published in high impact journals and presented at conferences around the world. We have established links with Barts Health NHS Trust, Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust, East London Mental Health NHS Trust and a range of other health Trusts, as well as the community nursing research organisation International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing Research.


PhD Students

  • Pauline Sham Peng-Tong


2013, Evaluation of the One Stop Health Shop. Olander, E.K., Atkinson, L. NHS Warwickshire. £4,966

2012-13, The EARLY HV toolkit, development and implementation. Karen Plumb, Ros Bryar, Janice Christie. Burdett Trust. £75,000

2011, An evidence review for research and/or effective service provision for overweight or obese children focusing on early years.Bartle, N., Atkinson, L. & Olander, E.K NHS Dudley. £4,728

2012, Insight work into the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) and associated weight management services. Atkinson, L., Olander, E.K. & French, D.P. NHS Dudley. £10,184

2010-2013, Investigating the feasibility of a web-based intervention, and other interventions, to address maternal obesity. Atkinson, L., Olander, E.K. Birmingham East & North PCT. £4,144

2012 - 2013, Initial evaluation of NHS Warwickshire's maternal obesity care pathway. Olander, E.K., Atkinson, L. & French, D.P. NHS Warwickshire. £10,705

2010 - 2013, Evaluation of NHS Warwickshire's structured family-based weight management programmes targeting childhood obesity and the services provided by NHS Warwickshire's Family Change4Life Advisors. Olander, E.K., Atkinson, L. & French, D.P. NHS Warwickshire. £43,740

2012, Health Visiting Community of Practice. S.Kendall, C.Adams, S.Cowley, R.Bryar, Burdett Trust for Nursing. £200,000

2012, Tower Hamlets Health Visiting Toolkit Project. K.Plumb, R.Bryar, J.Christie. Burdett Trust for Nursing. £200,000

2011-2013, Evaluation of Coventry's Weight Management in Pregnancy Programme - Just4Mums. Olander, E.K., Atkinson, L, & French, D.P. NHS Coventry. £9,084

2011, Systematic review funding. Peter O'Hallaron, Janice Christie. R&D office, Belfast. £50,000

2010, Scoping review of successful interventions targeting childhood obesity. Olander, E.K. NHS Warwickshire and Coventry University. £6,000

2010, Qualitative evaluation of the maternal and early years healthy weight service. Atkinson, L., Olander, E.K. & French, D.P. NHS West Midlands Strategic Health Author ity. £33,141

2010, D.P. Support regarding evaluation of the Stepping Up Programme. Olander, E.K., Atkinson, L. & French, Birmingham City Council. £981

2009 - 2010, Partnership in Infection Control. R.Bryar, D.Gould, N.Drey, J.Meyer, C.Alexander NHS London. £80,000



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