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School of Health Sciences

Student Links, S-Z

This webpage contains a series of useful web links provided by City students, City staff and Clinical Tutors. The web links are on a range of topics ranging from clinical resources to useful information pages.

The British Stammering Association.

This webpage calculates effect sizes.

Children's craft activities.
Children's activities.
Clipart pictures that are free & in colour.
Library of flashcards on themes.
Various activities for child speech and language.
Various activities for narrative, themes, flashcards.
Various activities for craft, themes.
Various activities for children with disabilities.
On this site you will find activities sheets for working with children at a variety of different levels and across a variety of curriculum and skill areas. The site uses the P-scales and the lower levels from the National Curriculum as a means for organising these documents in a way which should make them easy to find. These documents use a simple standardised format to make them easy and quick to read.  Professionals and students can also contribute to the site by uploading their own activities on to the site. We hope that through this, the website will become a valuable multi-disciplinary recourse with a wealth of shared activities for professionals to use.
Various activities for children.
Various activities for children.

Online books and activities

Speaking of speech- includes activities using board-maker

Caroline Bowen's wonderful resource page

Every year Therapy Weekly sends out a number of editions of the Therapy Weekly Student Guide to University.
To compliment the Therapy Weekly Student Guide they have recently launched this website.

Freely downloadable acoustics analysis program.