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School of Health Sciences

Student Links, A-F

Useful web links provided by City students, City staff and Clinical Tutors. Links are on a range of topics ranging from clinical resources to useful information.

Has the news and recipes in symbols.
Free switch games.
Disability resources and switch games.

(Aphasia, Brain Injury, Dysarthria and Acquired Dyspraxia)

Free worksheets on a variety of themes.  Useful for semantic therapy and literacy.
Freely downloadable assistive technology and software.
Free puzzle maker.  Useful for semantic therapy and literacy.
Free downloadable therapy programs for adult clients.
The aphasia friendly webpage for people with aphasia.
Speakability.  National charity for people with aphasia and others in the UK. Grew out of the organisation that was known as Dysphasic Adults.
Discussion forum for people to share experiences of stroke.
Family adjustment to aphasia.
Personal stories of people who've had a stroke and have aphasia
Sells useful booklets about aphasia for all different health professionals

You Tube Videos of People with Aphasia

You Tube Video of People who have experienced a brain injury

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust

Activities for Adults- linked with adult education

Download or order free software for activities for people with aphasia

Aphasia fact sheets

Aphasia Fact Sheet.  Well respected fact sheet from the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders. Would be appropriate for family members. Good overview of all important areas.
Tips from clinicians at the Aphasia Institute about helping people communicate with people with aphasia, both in terms of comprehension and expression.

Examples of aphasia friendly information
Aphasia friendly information sheet about the Aphasia Institute, Toronto, CA.
Sample pictographic resources. This is a 2 page sample of the Institute?s pictographic resources.
What is aphasia friendly?
Talkback.  An association in South Australia which is aphasia friendly.
Aphasia Help This website is aphasia friendly, and contains information for people with aphasia. It is the product of a research project, and you can read more information here:
Making information accessible.  Software that may be used to simplify text for people with language difficulties. 


The dysphagia resource center.  Has a searchable discussion list.

Some useful links and information on dysphagia

General Neurology Dysphagia Article with VFSS clips

Winstock's Practical Management of  Eating & Drinking Difficulties  is now available as an e-book via


This website is helpful for learning neurology anatomy.  Has a series of useful neuro-images.
Free online books by William Calvin to help you learn your neurology.  You will read one of these books with interest and not even realise you have been studying neurology.

Dr. Eric H. Chudler explains complex neurology in simple terms

A page that helps you learn your head and neck anatomy.



Brain images and aphasia from Harvard.  The Whole Brain Atlas has a section devoted to cerebrovascular disease with lesion sites marked on brain scans and corresponding different types of aphasia. Useful to help you consolidate your knowledge and understanding, particular if working in hospitals. Site has top 100 brain structures, brain tumours, and degenerative diseases also included.

Pinky and the Brain- Cartoon to help you learn Neurology

Learning Neurology 80's style (remember Tiffany) with "I think with my Brain Now"


The London SIG Bilingualism website.
The website is for Speech and Language Therapists Working with Children and Families from a Diverse Communities. They are also developing a "useful links" page.

Free program for language analyses.  Analyses orthographically and phonetically transcribed text files also analyses SALT & CLAN files. 
Comprehensive on-line treatmet worksheets/practice for children for all areas of child language and speech.
Over 200 pages of information, assessment, therapy activities etc for children.
Information on the Hanen Program.
Language Comprehension. Visualising and verbalising links.  Nice overview of reading and comprehension strategies, include Lindamood information.

Talking Point

Alphabuddies link is useful. Also has online resources for sentence sequencing and story sequencing.  Has fun printable letter puppets.

This is a great online paediatric artic. & language website.  Useful reources includ pictures for articulation & phonological awareness games.  There are also free downloadable wordless books.  Also downloadable parent handouts, home practice sheets, norms, online games, instructions on using technology for Tx - e.g., recording sound onto computer using powerpoint as an educational tool.
Free downloadable activities for therapy.  Useful therapy ideas.  Also handy links to other therapy resource websites.
Free downloads of phonology games.
Useful articles and information on developmental dyspraxia.