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Student Awards

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The School of Health Sciences (SHS) Student Awards recognise a student’s academic achievement and excellent contribution in practice during their time at SHS. Student awards are determined by SHS Assessment Boards.

Academic Awards

Academic achievement awards

An academic achievement award may be given to a student that:

  • performed well overall in a programme
  • performed well in a module (i.e. obtained highest mark)
  • recognition of a student who made active strides in their programme to improve performance through hard work and commitment.
  • award for work on projects

Practice awards

Award for a student that has excelled whilst in Practice.

Excellence awards

An academic excellence award may be given to a student that has:

  • excelled in performance   and participation of a module/programme.
  • worked effectively across   both placement and academic practice.
  • acted ‘above and beyond’   the requirements of a programme (e.g. extensive reading, raising questions,   seeking to learn from their own and other’s experience and applying new   learning in their practice experience).
  • demonstrated passion and   motivation over a sustained period-of-time (e.g. showing genuine interest in   and taking responsibility for their own learning, actively seeking and   positively responding to feedback to improve their own performance).
  • had a positive impact on   all those surrounding them.

Peer prize

Examples include a student that has:

  • positively impact other student’s experience.
  • effectively used the student voice to inform improvements and changes (e.g. student representatives at SHS committees).

Memorial Awards

Memorial prizes

Awards established in memory of named individuals.

Sponsored Prizes

Sponsored prizes

Sponsored awards are external prizes usually course-specific and awarded annually.