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School of Arts and Social Sciences Online Festival of Research

A two-day programme of online events providing an opportunity for our PGR community to come together to present ongoing research and join interdisciplinary panel discussions. Organised by us but driven by you, we are bringing together groups of individuals with shared interests from different disciplines across the School, augmented with the involvement of academic staff.

You can choose to join us for presentations and panel discussions around particular themes according to your interests and availability. The festival will conclude with an online social event.

We hope you will welcome the opportunity to get involved with colleagues in what we know is a rather difficult period within our research community and beyond.

Full programme of events

Monday 22nd June 2020

Session 1. Chaired by Dr Shay Loya

10:00 - Presented by Bozhidar Chapkanov
The Entanglement of Diatonic and Chromatic Harmony in the Late Piano Music of Franz Liszt – an interdisciplinary Borrowing of a Term

10:30 - Panel Discussion. Convenor: Natalie Tsaldarakis
Debate and Classical music performance - meaning and relevance in modern society
Panel members: Dr Alex Lingas (Chair), Natalie Tsaldarakis, Dr Ian Pace, Dr Izabela Wagner, Prof Ratko Delorko (pianist), Prof Ben Johnson (tenor)

11:30 - Presented by Dr Ian Pace, Reader in Music & Head of Music department
Whither New Music - Shifting Ideological and Economic Terrains from the time of Paul Bekker to that of COVID-19

Session 2. Chaired by Prof Stephen Cottrell

12:30 - Presented by Dr Joseph Browning, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Awkward Atmospheres: New Music’s Ambivalent Environmentalism

13:00 - Presented by Prof Laudan Nooshin, Professor of Music
“Our Angel of Salvation”: Towards an Understanding of the Internet as an Alternative Sphere of Sociality for Musicians in Iran

Session 3. Chaired by Prof Dermot Bowler

14:00 - Presented by Dr Kathryn Emerson, Lecturer in Psychology
Creating the sound of music: A conversation analytic approach to understanding interaction between choirs and their conductors

14:30 - Presented by Dr Dimitris Pinotsis, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
The mechanisms the human brain uses to understand the world

15:00 - Presented by Dr Danai Dima, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience
The developing and ageing brain: what brain structure teaches us

Session 4. Convenor: Prof Laudan Nooshin

16:00 - Panel Discussion
Current Issues in Urban Studies Research: Cultural Practices, Social justice and Urban Socialities
Panel members: Prof Laudan Nooshin (Chair), DrTullis Rennie (Music), Dominic Davies (English), Gary Armstrong (Sociology) and Andy Pratt (Sociology).

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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Session 5. Webinar from Department of International Politics

  • Session 5 - recording to follow

11:30 - Webinar. Convenor: Prof Inderjeet Parmar
Archival Choices in Researching Foundations, Think Tanks and Universities: The Tavistock and India, Michigan State and the World'
Panel: Prof Bill Cooke (York) Michigan State University and the World, Dr Anindita Bannerjee (Lancaster) The Tavistock Institute and India

Session 6. Chaired by Dr James Rodgers

13:30 - Presented by Aleksandra Raspopina
The concept of post-truth in media and politics research

14:00 - Presented by Sanam Mahoozi
Media and climate change - How media coverage of major climate change events have influenced government policies and public opinion regarding the climate change movement

14:30 - Presented by Carolyne Lunga
Cross-media collaboration in investigative journalism in Southern Africa

15:00 - Presented by Dr James Rodgers, Reader in International Journalism and Associate Dean (Global Engagement)
The way Russia is reported to the outside world

Session 7. Convenor: Dr Ian Pace

15:30 - Panel discussion
Authoritarian Populism and Impure Futures: The Legacy of Stuart Hall
Panel: Prof Sylvia Walby OBE (Chair), Prof Eugene McLaughlin, Dr Jessica Evans ,Prof Chris Rojek, Dr Ian Pace, Professor Jim McGuigan (Loughborough University), Dr Ajmal Hussain (University of Manchester)

Session 8. Convenor: Prof Stephen Cottrell

17:30 - Presented by Carina Mansey
The Pig King and Madam Deficit: The Symbolic Cost of the Monarchy and Food in France, 1770-1789

18:00 - Virtual social and networking
End of Festival drinks and nibbles with the Associate Dean PGR.
Bring your own refreshments and enjoy a social catch up in the comfort of your home!

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