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Poster 7

Promoting Student Success – Outside of the Classroom

Hannah Bowles – Widening Participation Project Officer

Ben Robinson – Community Volunteering Officer

Emma Richards – Senior Progression Improvement Officer

Jack Kilker – Student Equality and Diversity Officer

Underpinned by City’s Education and Student Strategy, teams across SEED deliver activities to support student success outside of the classroom. This interactive poster will showcase the range of complementary schemes for success on offer at City throughout the student lifecycle, demonstrating our responsiveness to meet the needs of a new generation of students.

As Jane Andrews argues, building on the findings from Thomas’s What Works?
Student Retention and Success programme,  it is possible to distinguish 4 distinctive key threads of activity that enhance individual student experiences, each one equally important in promoting a sense of belonging and thus facilitating student success: supporting a positive transition to university, the importance of reciprocal peer support, employability, student retention and progression. Further studies at Aston University, University of Huddersfield and Edgehill have concluded that peer relationships are central to developing and maintaining a sense of belonging .

The poster will map the student journey at City though the 4 distinctive key threads with case studies and findings from evaluation of our work demonstrating impact. By fostering a sense of community outside of the classroom, in turn this promotes success inside it. A number of our initiatives are directly linked to City’s education performance indicators related to improving the undergraduate student experience and progression.

The poster will have an interactive element to enable participants to engage with the topics covered, questions and voting will be supported through asking questions around the 4 key themes, such as What activities are most important to students’ success? What does a positive transition into Higher Education need to include?


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