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Poster 5

Learning Analytics Project (LeAP)

Mimi Weiss Johnson - Senior Educational Technologist (Project Lead) | LEaD

Julie Voce - Head of Educational Technology | LEaD

Learning Analytics is “the application of analytic techniques to analyse educational data, including data about learner and teacher activities, to identify patterns of behaviour and provide (frequent) actionable information to improve learning and learning related activities.” (van Harmelen & Workman, 2012, p.5). This involves the combination of data (Fig 1.0) from multiple university systems into one dashboard, to provide staff with a clear picture of student engagement with educational activities across modules and programmes.  According to a survey by the Heads of e-Learning Forum, nearly two-thirds of UK universities have implemented or are working towards implementation of Learning Analytics (Newland and Trueman, 2017). Learning Analytics has primarily been used to support student progression and retention, by enabling staff to identify students who may be struggling in order to put in place the necessary support mechanisms to help students succeed (Sclater, Peasgood and Mullan, 2016).

Since 2016, City’s Learning Analytics Project (LeAP) has explored how Learning Analytics could be used to improve students’ educational experience and support the institution’s education performance indicators relating to progression and attainment. City have also been one of 20 institutions taking part in a Jisc programme (Jisc, 2019) to co-design a Learning Analytics solution.

This poster will provide a summary of the key findings from the project including the benefits of learning analytics, limitations of data and analysis, ethical use of data, the role of interventions for supporting students, the development of policy, requirements of a learning analytics system and an overview of how learning analytics is used in higher education. The project involved focus groups with City staff and students, a literature review into the use of interventions, a market review of learning analytics tools and a survey of UK universities about their use of learning analytics.


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