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Conference Sessions

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Session 1  11:25 - 12:25


Workshop - A workshop to support lecturers in using storytelling in their educational practice


Workshop - Introducing active mobile learning: learn how to use wireless collaboration in your teaching


Paper 1 - Evaluating the effectiveness of a peer-to-peer buddying system in enhancing the experience of transition into practice placements for diagnostic radiography students | Paper 2 - Understanding issues around supporting and promoting success for students from non-traditional routes: the transition from foundation to BSc.


Paper 1 - Internationalizing Higher Education: Designs for a Cultural Management Pedagogy | Paper 2 - Towards a set of measurable guidelines for CPD courses to aid lifelong learners to achieve best attainment of learning outcomes


Paper 1 - Co-production of learning resources: a mixed methods study with student midwives | Paper 2 - Using Learning Analytics to support student success: perspectives from City students and staff

Session 2  13:35 - 14:35


Workshop - The Formative Assessment Toolkit


Workshop - Beyond a CV workshop - What does employability in the curriculum look like?


Workshop - Design challenge: embedding skills creatively to engage the learner


Paper 1 - “What do we mean by social learning? A visual look at how social interaction impacts on the construction of learning in terms of design of physical spaces on campus” | Paper 2 -  Promoting success in group work on an academic practice MA


Paper 1 - Can service users enhance our provision of student feedback? | Paper 2 -  Professionalism and positive motivation: Law students’ emotional responses to challenging encounters in a live clinic setting

Session 3  14:40 - 15:40


Workshop -  Introducing Quodl: An easy and popular homegrown way to increase engagement and learning in lectures with live quizzes


Workshop - Situational interest: why should learners care about what you want them to care about?


Workshop - What’s working for learning? A workshop to explore current practice in recording our teaching (via Lecture Capture), here at City.


Paper 1 - How is attendance linked to academic performance in Optometry? | Paper 2 - Concordance: The impact of experiential learning through simulation


Paper 1 - Supporting post-graduate students - the role of the personal tutor | Paper 2 - March to Success: Enabling Students to Succeed in the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering.