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Learning at City Conference

The tenth Learning at City conference will take place on Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

The theme of the conference in 2019 will be

Promoting Student Success

Join us for a day of sessions and workshops led by City, University of London staff.

The overall theme for the conference focuses on Promoting Student Success. Within this theme there are a range of sub-themes:
* Curriculum design and review
* Assessment design
* Learning and teaching approaches
* Activities and strategies that support students through their programme

Providing support for students in higher education is a key factor to them succeeding in their studies. This support may come from a range of people and be influenced by a range of factors.

The conference will allow staff to share practice, innovations and pedagogic research.

We anticipate that this topical theme will provide excellent opportunities for discussion and, debate during the event.

Registration to attend the conference is now open.